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Associations Directory
The Central Rappahannock Regional Library has a large database of associations. But you need to have your library card to use it. First choose "Online Databases," then "Business and Association Listings"

Associations Web Sites
Addresses, staff and other information about associations may be found on this Web site, created by the American Society of Association Executives

Better Business Bureau
The national BBB is creating a database of companies - and it looks like they're going to have complaints online soon, too. But for now, you can get only addresses and ownership information for companies around the country - including Virginia.

EDGAR Database
The EDGAR database includes reports companies file with the Securities and Exchange Commission, such as 10-Ks and annual reports. Only public companies (those who trade stock) are included in the EDGAR database.

Search for pension plan information for companies of all sizes.  May be searched by name or zip code.  You need to register to use it.

Hoovers Company Information
Finds officers, start-up date, address, number of employees and sales information for thousands of companies. Many large, private companies are included, too.

Northern Light Search Engine
Northern Light helps you find company Web sites and articles.

ReferenceUSA Company Directory
Try ReferenceUSA to find listings for small local businesses. Includes profit range, credit rating and owner name. You can also sort by zip code and business type. You do need a card from the Central Rappahannock Regional Library to use it. From their Web site, choose "Online Databases," then "Business and Association Listings" and then "ReferenceUSA."

Virginia Business Online
Lists the state's richest residents (such as Carl D. Silver), fastest-growing companies, largest firms and upcoming business events.

Virginia Department of Agriculture & Consumer Affairs
Consumer complaints about businesses are handled by this agency. But, not many companies with grievances filed against them are listed yet.

Virginia State Corporation Commission
The SCC regulates financial industries and utilities. Detailed Virginia company information is available through a special dial-up database. For more information, check with the Free Lance-Star library. 

Web Resources
The University of Michigan has a great collection of sites for researching product recalls, consumer spending on the arts, travel and many other things, plus consumer surveys.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis
The BEA is an agency within the U. S. Department of Commerce. Its Web site provides the Gross State Product and employment figures projected up to 2045. It also has the average personal income for Virginia, broken down by county.

The Virginia Employment Commission
Check out this site for information about jobs and the labor market in Virginia.

Thomas Register of Manufacturers
The Thomas Register is the major directory of United States and Canadian manufacturers. Register at their site (no charge) to find company addresses, phone numbers and products. The Central Rappahannock Regional Library has this directory in print.

Charity Regulators
Maryland's Secretary of State has conveniently organized charity regulation agencies in every state.

Nonprofits Database
Guidestar gleans information on many, many nonprofits from IRS forms.

Nonprofit Web Sites - Free Lance-Star Collection.
Collection of links for nonprofit Web sites provided by Dick Hammerstrom.


800 Number Directory
Get those toll-free numbers here.

Area Code Finder
Know the area code, but not the city? Know the city, but not the area code? Find either one here.

Area Code List
The North American Numbering Plan Administration keeps track of new area codes. They also have a map of the country's current area codes.

Overseas Phone Directory
Search for phone numbers in distant lands with this tool.

Phone Directory from Infospace
Finds phone numbers, addresses and maps. Also allows you to do reverse phone number look-ups.

Phone Directory from Switchboard
Lets you search for phone numbers without specifying the state. Also has residential listings and numbers in foreign countries.

Prefix Directory
Use it to decode the first three digits of any phone number.

Web Site Directory
Want to find out who the people behind the curtain at the company's Web site are? Look here.

Zip Code Directory
Type in an address and find the zip code in a flash with this Postal Service site.

"THE CITY DIRECTORY": Cross-indexes names and phone numbers for the city and some of the surrounding area. Also has professions listed for some residents. Available in the news library.

"THE HAINES CRISS-CROSS DIRECTORY": Does a much larger area than the city directory, though it doesn't list professions.

UVA's Property Assessments Links   http://www.people.Virginia.EDU/~dev-pros/Realestate.html
Use this site to find out the values of lots in Prince William, Fairfax and a few other Virginia localities.

Yahoo Real Estate Values
You can find all of Virginia's real estate transactions by address on Yahoo's page

Cost of Living Calculator
Uses the Consumer Price Index to show how much buying power dollars had in years past compared to today. For example, in 1947, $ 0.14 had the same value as $1.00 in 1997. Goes back to 1913.

Currency Converter
Olsen & Associates has conversion rates for any date after January 1, 1990.

Dictionary of Business and Financial Terms
Duke's Web site explains business terms in something like plain English.

Inflation Calculator
Tells you how much dollars were worth in 1700 and how much they're going to be worth in 2010.

Inflation Calculator
This one lets you set the expected rate of inflation and number of years.

Mortgage and Financial Calculators
This site has calculators for wealth, loans, interest and the CPI (back to 1913).

Ecomp Online
Look here to find out how much the executives at the big corporations get for a day's work.

National Compensation Survey
What do barbers earn? Shoe salesmen? Zookeepers? Check it out here.
Yet another site for comparing wages.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
The BLS site has the Consumer Price Index, unemployment rates and other data which give an overview of the economy.

CenStats Databases
The Census Bureau collects data such as the number of building permits by locality, business patterns by zip code and number of people in a given profession by locality.

Cost of Living & C.P.I. Stats
Compare cost of living data and consumer info for various places around the world.

Mega-database of Statistics
University of Michigan Documents Center Data has a beautifully-organized collection of databases with wages, salary surveys, the country's wealthiest people and more.

Statistical Abstract of the United States
This is the mega-book of U.S. numbers on many, many topics. The Web edition is cumbersome; visit the Free Lance-Star library for the latest edition in print.

Tax Statistics
The IRS keeps stats on corporations and industries.

Virginia Business Statistics
The Weldon Cooper Center at the University of Virginia publishes statistics on agriculture, banking, earnings, economic development, employment, housing, manufacturing, tourism, exports, retail trade and wholesale trade.

"THE VALUE OF A DOLLAR": This fantastic book has the prices for everything from a loaf of bread to a movie ticket for the years 1860 to 1999. It's in the news library.


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