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Dictionary Links
The University of Michigan Libraries have created a directory of dictionaries for various medical specialties.

Koop's Medical Encyclopedia
Dr. C. Everett Koop, a former U.S. Surgeon General, has health terms and images on his Web site.

American Medical Association Directory of Doctors
The AMA's home page lists doctors across the country.  Information includes specialty, medical school attended and year of graduation.

American Board of Medical Specialties Directory
The ABMS lists the names of board-certified doctors in various areas of medicine.  Search by doctor name or by specialty. Registration required.

Virginia Health Profession License Lookup
Allows you to search doctors, nurses, dentists and pharmacies by name or zip code.  You can find out whether the licensee has been the subject of a regulatory board proceeding.  To get any details about the proceeding, you must call the board directly.

RXList Drugs
Similar to the Physician's Desk Reference, RXList has detailed information for many drugs, including dosages, side effects, brand names, etc.

Virginia Health Information Center
Has financial data for Mary Washington Hospital and lots of other health care links.

The Centers for Disease Control
Health topics from A to Z are listed on the CDC's Web site.

The government designed this as a meta-site for consumers.  Includes articles and Web sites.

The National Library of Medicine developed this site for lay people who need to research health topics. It's a web of facts about diseases, current research and drug information.

Yahoo has a very large (and keyword-searchable) directory of medical links.

Consumer Products Safety Commission
Need to know how many people were injured by chain saws or baby strollers last year?  The C.P.S.C. collects statistics like these from hospital emergency rooms.  They also keep track of product recalls. If you can't find what you need on the Web site, try calling their National Information Office at (301) 504-0424. 

This database from the National Center for Health Statistics has statistics on many, many topics, such as accidents, allergies and births.  Many statistics are broken down by state.

National Center for Health Statistics
Find information here about life expectancy, births, deaths, sex education, fertility, obesity and smoking.

Rappahannock River Drownings - Excel Format
Names, locations, etc. of drownings from 1962 to present.  NOTE: Dr. Frederic Phillips, the Fredericksburg area’s medical examiner, says there have been 18 more drownings since 1972 than we have in our list.  However, he has not released any information to The Free Lance-Star about the incidents or the victims.

University of Michigan Documents Center
You'll find government Web sites here that link to information about many, many health topics.

Virginia Center for Health Statistics
The state's health department has vital statistics broken down by county.  Most of the information includes births, deaths and teen pregnancies.

What Are the Odds of Dying of ...?
The National Safety Council knows how likely it is that you'll die from lightning, a dog bite, fireworks or other catastrophic event.

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Last modified April 16, 2004