Here’s an abbreviated list of federally registered trademarks and service marks. This list is adapted from one prepared by Columbia Journalism Review. All copy editors and news editors have complete, current trademark lists on their desks.

For the International Trademark Association's checklist of about 3,000 registered trademarks and service marks, click here or on the INTA link above, then scroll down for the index.


Ace elastic bandages
Advil analgesic/ibuprofen
Alka–Seltzer antacid tablets
“All the News That’s Fit to Print” The New York Times slogan
American Express charge card services
AmEx financial and charge card services
Apple computers
Armor All multipurpose protectant
AstroTurf synthetic turf
Atari video games
Autoharp zither-type musical instruments


Bac-Os imitation bacon bits
Baggies plastic bags
Band-Aid adhesive bandages
Barbie dolls and accessories
Betamax videotape and videocassette recorders
Bobcat skid steer loaders, hydraulic excavators
Boogie surfboards
Breathalyzer blood–alcohol content measuring apparatus
Bromo–Seltzer antacid
B.V.D. underwear


Cat Chow pet food by Purina
Caterpillar tractors, machinery
Chanel clothing, accessories, perfume and cosmetics
Chap Stick lip balm
Chapman locks
Checker taxicabs
Cheez Doodles cheese puffs
Chicken McNuggets McDonald’s chicken nuggets
Chiclets chewing gum
Chlordane insecticide
Cinch–Sak plastic bags
Claymation animated motion picture services
Clorox bleach
Coffee-mate nondairy coffee creamer
Coke soft drinks
Coleman stoves and lanterns
Colorization film conversion services
Converted rice by Uncle Ben’s
Cool Whip dessert topping
Corning Ware cookware
Cracker Jack candied popcorn
Crayola crayons
Crock–Pot electric cookers
Cup-A-Soup instant soup mixes
Cybex weightlifting equipment
Cyclone chain-link fences


Dacron polyester fiber
Danskin bodywear, hosiery
Day–Glo fluorescent paints
Day-Timer planners
Dictaphone voice processing products
Disneyland amusement park
Disposall food waste disposer
Dixie paper cups
Dolby noise-reduction systems
Don’t leave home without it American Express slogan
Doritos tortilla chips
Dramamine motion sickness preparation
Drano drain opener
Drygas gasoline additive
Dumpster trash bins
Dunkin’ Donuts doughnut stores
Dustbuster portable vacuums


Ektachrome film
Elmer’s glue
Equal sweetner
Erector building sets
Exercycle stationary bicycles
Express Mail overnight and international delivery services


Fantastik spray cleaner
Federal Express overnight and international delivery services
Fiberglas textiles, fibers, yarn and fabrics
Flexible Flyer sleds
Formica laminated plastic
Freon refrigerant
Frigidaire appliances
Frisbee flying discs
Fudgsicle fudge pops


Geritol vitamin supplements
G.I. Joe dolls
Gore–Tex water-resistant fabric, clothing
Gunite iron carbon alloy


Haagen Dazs ice cream
Handi-Wrap plastic film
Hanes underwear and hosiery
Hefty plastic bags and plates
Hi-Liter highlighting markers
Hide-A-Bed sofas
Hobie Cat sailboats
Holiday Inn hotels
Hot Wheels toy cars and accessories
Hula Hoop plastic hoops
Hush Puppies footwear


IBM computer hardware and software
Interplak plaque removal instrument


Jacuzzi whirlpool baths
Jams shorts, swim trunks
Jazzercise dance exercise services
Jeep all-terrain vehicles
Jet Ski self-propelled water skis
Jockey underwear
Johnson’s baby shampoo, oil, powder, lotion


KFC chicken restaurants
Kitty Litter cat box filler
Kleenex tissues, napkins, disposable diapers
Ko–Rec–Type correction fluid
Kodachrome film
Kodacolor film
Krazy Glue adhesives


LaserJet printers
La-Z-Boy recliners
Land Cruiser all-terrain vehicles by Toyota
Laundromat self-service laundries
Letraset graphic arts supplies
Levelor venetian blinds
Lite light beer by Miller
Little League children’s baseball
Little Tikes preschool toys
Lotus 1–2–3 computer software
Lucite acrylic resin, paints
Lycra spandex fibers
Lysol disinfectant sprays and cleaners


Mace tear gas
Magic Marker felt-tip pens
Mailgram message delivery services
MasterCard credit card services
Medic Alert bracelets, medical information services
Microsoft computer software
Minute instant rice
Miracle-Gro plant food
M&M’s candy
Motrin analgesic/ibuprofen
Mr. Coffee coffee makers
Muzak background music systems


Nabisco cookies, crackers and snacks
Nautilus weightlifting equipment
Nestle chocolate
News You Can Use U.S. News & World Report slogan
Niblets canned corn
Nikon cameras
Nintendo video game hardware, software and accessories
No Doz drowsiness relief tablets
Nordic Track fitness equipment
Novocain local anesthetic
NutraSweet sweetner


Off! insect repellent
One-A-Day vitamins
Oreo cookies


Pampers disposable diapers
Para-Sail parachutes
Perrier sparkling water
Philip Morris tobacco products
Photostat copiers
Ping–Pong table tennis equipment
Play–Doh modeling compound
Plexiglas acrylic plastic
Polaroid cameras, film
Post-It note pads, self-stick notes
Pyrex glassware


Quiana polyester fiber
Q–Tips cotton swabs
Quonset prefabricated buildings


Realtor member of the National Association of Realtors
Rolaids antacid tablets
Rolex watches
Rolodex rotary card files
Rust–Oleum rust preventive coatings


Sanka decaffeinated coffee
Saran Wrap plastic wrap
Scotch transparent tape
Scotchquard fabric protector
Selectric electric typewriters
7–Eleven convenience stores
Sheetrock plaster wallboard
Simoniz car cleaning products
Smith Corona typewriters, word processors
Sony stereos, radios and televisions
Spackle surfacing compound
StairMaster exercise equipment
Stetson hats
Styrofoam plastic foam (Note: Cups and other serving items are not made with Styrofoam)


Technicolor motion picture processing services
Teflon fluorocarbon resins, nonstick coatings
Thermopane windows
Thinsulate thermal insulation
3M carpet protector
Tiffany jewelry, crystal, silverware
Tofutti tofu-based food products
Toll-House chocolate chips
Top-Sider deck shoes
Tums antacid tablets
Tylenol analgesic/acetaminophen


U-Haul truck rental services
Universal weightlifting equipment
Uzi machine guns


Vaseline petroleum jelly, lip balm, skin lotion
Velcro hook and loop fasteners
View-Master slide and movie viewers
Visa credit card services
Vise-Grip tools, clamps


Walkman portable stereos by Sony
Weed Eater lawn trimmers
Weight Watchers food products, weight reduction centers
Windbreaker clothing, jackets
Windex glass cleaner
Windsurfer sailboards
WordPerfect word processing software


X-Acto knives
Xerox photocopiers, copies, computer systems



Zamboni ice resurfacing machines
Ziploc resealable bags